How to become part of the TEAM effort:



TEAM Food Pantry is supported by our many generous sponsors.

Church Support

Churches are encouraged to designate part of their regular mission support funds to TEAM and to participate in food offering programs. TEAM currently has thirty churches who are Assembly Members supporting our mission.

Individual Support

Individuals can support TEAM through donations of food or money.  We accept foods of all types (canned, dry, and frozen) and basic household items, such as soaps and personal care items.  You can also volunteer to work at TEAM Food Pantry as a caseworker, pantry or warehouse worker, driver to pick up food, or possibly handyman chores.

Organization Support

Organizations can hold food drives for TEAM or provide financial contributions. TEAM receives support from organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, postal workers, firemen, fraternal groups, clubs, churches, schools and businesses.

Corporate Support

Local businesses can be supportive by organizing employee food drives and by designating TEAM as recipient of community support funds.

TEAM is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

If you are interested in supporting the TEAM Food Pantry, please contact us at (314) 831-0879.